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 CAR-T cell therapy system

A CAR-T cell is engineered T cells that express a Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) on their cell membrane. This receptor counts with an external target-binding domain designed to recognize a specific tumor antigen and an internal activation domain responsible for activating the T cell when the CAR-T binds its target. Second and third generation CAR-Ts have additional co-stimulatory domains that further enhance the immune response.
The main process included: extract a patient’s T cells from blood and train them to recognize and kill cancer by modifying them with a viral vector to express an artificial, or chimeric, receptor specific for a particular cancer-associated antigen—such as, CD19, an antigen expressed in B-cell–related blood cancers, and then rein fuse the cells back into the patient. The engineered cells recognize and kill cancerous cells, while reactivating other immune players that have been dampened by cancer’s inhibitory signals.
The CAR on the cell’s surface is composed of fragments, or domains, of synthetic antibodies. The domains that are used can affect how well the receptor recognizes or binds to the antigen on the tumor cell.
In this service, we provide regents for T cell transportation, transfection, culture and treatment. We can also supply constructed CD19 viral vector for CD19-targeted CAR T cells preparation. More importantly, a high-throughput method of screening new CAR target and customized CAR-T cell service are also provided.

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