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Cat.# Name Description Price
AGE-0026 RNase Inhibitor, Mammalian RNase Inhibitor, Mammalian specifically inhibits RNases A, B and C. It inhibits RNases by binding non... +inquiry
AGE-0025 AceGScript II Reverse Transcriptase AceGScript II Reverse Transcriptase is a recombinant M-MuLV reverse transcriptase with reduced RNase ... +inquiry
AGE-0002 AceGScript II RT Master Mix for qPCR AceGScript II Reverse Transcriptase is a genetically engineered MMLV reverse transcriptase (RT) with ... +inquiry
AGE-0001 AceGScript II First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit AceGScript II cDNA First Strand Synthesis Kit features two optimized mixes, AceGScript II Enzyme Mix ... +inquiry