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Storageliquid nitrogen
Shippingdry ice
Growth Propertiescontinuous culture, grown as monolayer. The cells reach at least passage 12; better results are guaranteed at low passages. Each ampoule contains about 5x10^5 cells. After thawing the viability of the cells may be low. The medium should be kept at 4°C, it should never be heated neither left too long at room temperature. The flasks must be presoaked with gelatin 1% in PBS for 30 minutes. After gelatin coating, rinse once with cold PBS. Do not reuse flask.
Recommended MediumMedium 199 + 10% FBS + 2mM L-Glutamine + heparin 100 mg/L + aFGF 10ug/L + bFGF 10ug/L + EGF 10ug/L + hydrocortisone 1mg/L; split the cells 1:2-1:3 using cold trypsin/EDTA (no more than one minute), seed at 6x10^3 cells/cm2, 37° C, 5% CO2
DescriptionTissue: endothelium; Derived from umbilical cord vein. Donors are tested for HBV, HCV, HIV. HUVEC are available from single donors (male or female), and the sex is specified. % of CD31 positive cells: >90%
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