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SpeciesHuman- Caucasian, 60 years, F
Storageliquid nitrogen
Shippingdry ice
Growth PropertiesSubculture at a ratio of 1:4 to 1:6 using 0.25% (w/v) Trypsin- 0.53 mM EDTA solution. Culture at 5% CO2, 37°C.
GeneinfoAmelogenin: X CSF1PO: 12 D13S317: 10,11 D16S539: 12 D5S818: 11,12 D7S820: 8,11 THO1:9.3 TPOX: 8 vWA:
Recommended MediumDMEM + 5% FBS
DescriptionTissue: Brain/right frontal parieto-occipital cortex
Citation GuideIf the product is used for publication, it should be cited in the publication as: “AcceGen Biotech Cat.# XXX-0000”. In addition,click here to submit your paper’s PubMed ID (PMID) to get a $100 coupon.
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