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Immortalized Mouse Muscular Dystrophy Myoblast Cell Line - SV40

TypeImmortalized cell line
Biosafety LevelBSL2
Size1 vial
StorageLiquid Nitrogen
ShippingDry Ice
Growth PropertiesAdherent
DescriptionMuscular dystrophies constitute a heterogeneous group of genetic muscle diseases characterized by progressive muscle weakness, wasting and degeneration, some of these features are common to muscle aging. Investigations into both the pathophysiology and therapeutic targets in muscle dystrophies have been hampered by the limited proliferative capacity of human myoblasts. Isolation of reliable immortalized cell lines is a powerful tool for investigating pathological mechanisms, including those associated with muscle aging, and for developing innovative gene-based, cell-based or pharmacological biotherapies.
AvailabilityOut of stock
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