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Immortalized Cell Lines

Immortalized Cell LinesImmortalized Cell Lines

After the primary cells experience limited population proliferation during the culture process, the primary cells cease to proliferate. Immortalized cells are derived from primary cells: exogenous immortalized genes (EBV, HPV E6 / 7 and SV40 T antigens of recombinant lentivirus, retrovirus & adenovirus, hTERT, p53) are introduced into target cells by gene transfection technology and immortalized cell lines are established to achieve cell culture in vitro so that cells cultured in vitro have the ability to proliferate and there is no difference between cells. Through immortalization, those cells that are difficult to pass down, slow to proliferate, and easy to age can be immortalized, thereby providing researchers with more cell resources and providing a good in vitro cell model for scientific research.

AcceGen has about 60 kinds of immortalised cell lines, including human immortalised cells, mouse immortalised cells, and rat immortalised cells. AcceGen also provides Custom Cell Immortalization Service for your unique solutions.



Microglial Cell Medium Kit

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Immortalized Mouse Microglia

Our immortalized mouse microglia are mouse microglia cells transformed using SV40 T antigen, allowin...more +inquiry
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