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AcceGen Primary Cells

Primary cells are isolated from fresh tissues, which can maintain the basic properties of the original cells. Therefore, as an in vitro experimental model, primary cells are widely used in basic research of molecular, cell biology and biomedicine, such as proteomics, genomics and genetics, and also in drug screening, drug metabolism and toxicology, cancer drug research, etc.

AcceGen provides 1,278 kinds of primary cells from human and animals, including human primary cells from motor system, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, blood system, urinary system, reproductive system, immune system, respiratory system, and PBMCs; and animal primary cells from mouse, rat, bovine, monkey, rabbit, porcine, chicken, dog, cat, and horse.



Human Colon Cancer Dissociated Tumor Cells

Dissociated Tumor Cells are a single-cell suspension isolated from solid tumors by enzyme and mechan...more +inquiry
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