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AceGTaq DNA Polymerase

ComponentDNA Polymerase (5,000 U/ml); 5X GC Reaction Buffer; 5X Standard Reaction Buffer; 100% High GC Enhancer
Size1000 U / 5000 U
StorageStorage Conditions: 10 mM Tris-HCl, 100 mM KCl, 1 mM DTT, 0.1 mM EDTA, 0.5% Tween 20, 0.5% IGEPAL CA-630, 50% Glycerol, pH7.4 @ 25°C. Store DNA Polymerase at -20°C. Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
DescriptionAceGTaq DNA Polymerase is an optimized blend of Taq Klenow and Deep Oean DNA polymerases for use with routine and difficult PCR experiments. The 3´→ 5´ exonuclease activity of Deep Ocean DNA Polymerase increases the fidelity and robust amplification of Taq klenow DNA Polymerase. The AceG Taq Reaction Buffers and High GC Enhancer have been formulated for robust yields with minimal optimization, regardless of a template's GC content. AceG Taq DNA Polymerase is supplied with two 5X buffers: (Standard and GC), as well as a High GC Enhancer solution. For most routine and/or AT-rich amplicons (Lambda, etc.) or complex amplicons with up to ~50% GC content, AceG Taq Standard Reaction Buffer provides robust amplification. For GC-rich amplicons, the First Taq GC Reaction Buffer can improve both performance and yield. For particularly high GC or difficult amplicons, the First Taq High GC Enhancer can be added at a final concentration of 10–20% to reactions containing FirstTaq GC Reaction Buffer.
ApplicationMultiplex PCR, PCR , Specialty PCR, Routine PCR
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