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AcceGen proudly develops innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and specialty ingredients markets. We are committed to supplying the best products and services with global manufacturing, development expertise and advanced technologies to enhance the overall quality of life.

AcceGen product portfolio


AcceGen developed significant expertise in cell and genomic research. We provide a variety of high-quality human/animal cells, cell media/kits, cell-derived molecular biology products, gene-based assay kits, and Sequencing products for research use.

AcceGen services catalogue


AcceGen offers custom cell line generation, microRNA sponges and microRNA Agomir/Antagomir services to simplify the gene research. The aim is to accelerate scientific discovery related to genetic analysis available to academic researchers as well as commercial enterprises.

AcceGen locations


AcceGen has permanent facilities in New Jersey. We take care of our customers and their global, regional or local requirements. We welcome potential partners and distributors to explore our business all over the world.

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277 Fairfield Road,
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004, USA


Worldwide: +1-862-686-2696
Monday-Friday, 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time


Worldwide: +1-323-978-5598
24 Hours a Day

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