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Off-Target Analysis Services

AcceGen provides the off-target analysis to assist researchers, scientists, and biotech companies for their scientific research and development. We recognize the uniqueness of each project, therefore our Off-Target Analysis service is supported to meet your specific needs. Whether you are working with human, animal, or plant genomes, we will offer a customized analysis service to maximize the accuracy and efficiency in identifying off-targets. With our personalized service, you can get high-quality customer service experience with high success rates, frequent communication, and fast, reliable timelines.

What is Off-Target Effects?

CRISPR/Cas9 technology has accelerated the understanding of functional organization of genome at the systems level and thus helps to establish solid sequential links between genetic variations and biological phenotypes. However, off-target mutations are observed at frequencies higher than the intended mutations, which may increase genomic instability and disrupt the functionality of other genes. Therefore, we need to improve CRISPR/Cas9 specificity and reduce undesired mutagenesis, which is crucial for their future applications in gene therapy.

Figure 1. CRISPR/Cas9 system [1]

What is the Application of Off-Target Analysis?

  • Quantify off-target effects of established targets (sgRNAs): Researchers can assess and measure the frequency and impact of unintended genetic modifications that occur at sites other than the intended target.
  • Screen for targets with the highest cleavage efficiency and lowest off-target effects: Researchers employ a combination of bioinformatics analysis and experimental validation. They can improve the precision and accuracy of their genome editing experiments, enhancing the success and reliability of the desired genetic modifications.
  • Identification and optimization of off-target effects and cleavage properties of novel CRISPR: By conducting the identification of off-target effects and evaluating the cleavage properties of a novel CRISPR system, researchers can gain insights into its specificityand accuracy. This information is crucial for understanding the safety and efficiency of the CRISPR system.

Figure 2. Off-target Editing Analysis [2]

One-stop-solution: AcceGen Off-Target Analysis Service

Off-Target Analysis Technical Process

Off-Target Analysis Technical Service

Advantages and Highlights

❃ High reliability and high sensitivity

Our high-throughput technology platform with NGS ensures high sequencing depth and sensitivity in the detection of off-target effects. In addition, we provide the one-stop sequencing analysis, which effectively streamlines the complex CRISPR off-target analysis process.

❃ High throughput

The detection of multiple sgRNAs can be combined to reduce the cost of detection.

❃ Fast delivery

Shortest as 4 weeks.

❃ Professional project management

Immediate response to customer inquiry.

Biweekly report of project process.

24/7 technical support by expert team.

If our Off-Target Analysis Services have caught your interest, we invite you to complete and submit our Online Inquiry Form.You can also reach out to us by calling 1-862-686-2696 or sending an email to inquiry@accegen.com. Any questions or requests will be promptly addressed by our team of experts at AcceGen, typically within 24 hours.


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