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AcceGen has pioneered the development of microRNA research and diagnostics tools with leading-edge services. We’re committed to paving new ways to meet all your needs for miRNA agomir/antagomir synthesis.
Agomir is chemically-modified double-strand miRNA mimics. Its antisense strand is modified: 2 phosphorothioates at the 5′ end, 4 phosphorothioates at the 3′ end, 3′ end cholesterol group and full-length nucleotide 2′-methoxy modification. Antagomir is chemically-modified single-strand miRNA inhibitor: 2 phosphorothioates at the 5′ end, 4 phosphorothioates at the 3′ end, 3′ end cholesterol group and full-length nucleotide 2′-methoxy modification. Antagomirs are used as a method to constitutively inhibit the activity of specific miRNAs.


AcceGen’s Antagomir and Agomir have a higher affinity for cell membranes than other common miRNA inhibitors and mimics, so the amount of transfection reagent could be drastically reduced in the cell transfection experiment. With higher stability and inhibiting effect, it is also suitable for the animal in vivo RNAi experiment. These products can be easily injected into the animal by the methods of intravenous or local injection. AcceGen’s Antagomir and Agomir are good choices for long-term miRNA loss-of-function and gain-of-function studies, the interfering effect can last at least one week, even up to 5-6 weeks.

structure of microRNA Agomir Antagomir



AcceGen’s microRNA agomir/antagomir synthesis service has the following advantages:

1. Cover all human, mouse and rat miRNAs listed in miRbase
2. More stable, easier to pass the cell membrane and tissue gap
3. Purified and ready-to transfect
4. Short synthesis cycle and cost-efficiency


To start your project faster, browse our  MicroRNA Agomir/Antagomir Database here. AcceGen provides over 5,000 ready-for-shipping Human miRNAs (hsa-miR) Agomir/Antagomir, Mouse miRNAs (mmu-miR) Agomir/Antagomir and Rat miRNAs (rno-miR) Agomir/Antagomir for worldwide MicroRNA research and diagnostics tools.
However, if you can’t find your required product in our catalog, we are glad to provide custom MicroRNA Agomir/Antagomir Synthesis Service to meet your specific needs. For more information about our MicroRNA Agomir/Antagomir Synthesis Services, please call us at 1-862-686-2696 or send an email to Your questions and requests will be answered by expert staff in AcceGen within 24 hours.
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