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2021-10-12 23:25:46

Liver diseases are one of the most focused areas of clinical therapy and basic research. As the first immune cells in the liver, Kupffer cells show a Read More>>

2021-09-23 02:51:01

With the advancement of cell culture technology, the application of primary cells isolation and culture has gradually become common after the 2000s. C Read More>>

2021-09-08 03:08:46

Background SH-SY5Y cells, the subline of the parental line SK-N-SH cells, are originally established from a bone marrow biopsy of a neuroblastoma pa Read More>>

2021-08-24 22:57:21

Leukemia cell lines are important and widely used research tools. Their usefulness is mainly connected with their ability to provide an indefinite so Read More>>

2021-08-11 22:54:00

Tumor cell lines (or cancer cell lines) are derived from the cancerous growths on an organ in a human or animal subject. These cell lines have undergo Read More>>

2021-07-28 02:41:17

Cell therapy has been identified as an effective method to regenerate damaged tissue. Bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells (BM-MNCs) were first r Read More>>

2021-07-13 23:39:52

Stem cells are primitive, undifferentiated cells that can potentially turn into a wide variety of cell types. Liver cells, blood cells, and muscle ce Read More>>

2021-07-01 02:14:16

Hepatocytes are parenchymal cells that constitute as much as 80% of the total liver volume and mediate a number of vital liver functions, such as the Read More>>

2021-06-10 03:51:41

Cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs), or Carcinoma associated fibroblasts, can contribute to cancer progression through multiple mechanisms, includ Read More>>

2021-05-19 03:58:26

Animal Primary CellsAnimal primary cells are isolated directly from healthy or diseased tissue via an enzymatic, chemical, or mechanical process. Th Read More>>

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