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Custom Cell Immortalization Service

AcceGen Custom Cell Immortalization Service

AcceGen has developed the proprietary Cell Immortalization Service for research application. Primary cells usually stop proliferating, aging and death after a limited number of cell passages. This limits the further application of cell culture techniques. The immortalized cells are derived from primary cells, and the exogenous immortalized genes are introduced into the target cells by gene transfection techniques, thereby establishing an immortalized cell line to achieve the cells cultured in vitro. The purpose of unlimited proliferation and no difference between cells.


The primary cells only undergo a predetermined and limited number of cell division in the process of culture, however, after a limited population multiplication (the number varies according to species, cell types and culture conditions), the primary cells enter a state called replication aging, in which they no longer divide. So, scientists often need to recreate new cultures – a complex and lengthy process. Compared with primary cells, immortalized cells can solve this problem to a certain extent. The exogenous immortalized genes were introduced into the target cells by gene transfection technology to establish immortalized cell lines, so as to make the cells cultured in vitro have the ability of proliferation and there is no difference between cells. Immortalized cells can be passed on continuously, enabling scientists to use the same consistent cells throughout the research project.


With a wealth of cell-based immortalization experience, AcceGen scientists have been able to successfully immortalize a variety of mammalian cells such as Immortalized Hepatocytes, Immortalized Microglia, using different immortalization methods. If you have a primary cell that needs immortalization, our custom service is fast, cost-efficient, and reliable.

AcceGen Custom Cell Immortalization Service Workflow


Service Details

  • ▶ METHODS: Exogenous immortalized genes were transfected into target cells by gene transfection technology. Including EBV, HPV E6 / 7 and SV40 T antigens of recombinant lentivirus, retrovirus and adenovirus, hTERT, p53.
  • Cells: if customers would like to provide the primary cells, we need at least 2 vials of 2 x 106 cells;
  • Culture Media and Vessels: All necessary media components, including FBS, growth factors, and/or supplements required to culture cells. Please submit all components of the complete media separately and provide instructions for making the complete media. If the cells require specially treated dishes, please provide a coated 6-well plate and T25 flask;
  • Cell Morphology: Please provide a picture of your primary cells to inquiry@accegen.com to describe the “raw” cell morphology. This is to help us assess the good condition of the cells we received before starting the project. At the same time, you can also directly purchase the corresponding primary cells from AcceGen.
  • ▶ SCREENING: Confirmation of immortalization by transgenic qRT-PCR
  • ▶ TIMELINE: Depends on immortalization methods, source cells, and species
  • ▶ DELIVERABLES: AcceGen provides 1 vial (> 5 x 105 cells/vial) of immortalized cells
  • ※※  Not all cell types can be immortalized successfully, we may charge a basic service fee

Service Requisition Form

Cell Immortalization Service Requisition Form       Download

With our custom service, you can get our high-quality customer service experience with high success rates, frequent communication, and fast timelines. AcceGen has about 60 kinds of immortalized cells, which can be purchased directly, if you can’t find the needed immortalized cell lines in our catalog, please send us the details of your project to inquiry@accegen.com or call 1-862-233-2815, we will be glad to provide the custom cell line information and price quotation within 24h.

To request a quote or additional information, please fill out the form below and we will contact you in 24 hours.
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