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iPSC Gene Editing Technology Services

AcceGen has developed the proprietary ASCTM-CRISPR iPSC gene editing technology services for research applications. We provide a one-stop solution for all your gene-editing needs, including knockout, knockin, knockdown, and overexpression services. With our custom services, you gain excess to an exceptional customer service experience, characterized by top-notch quality, high success rates, frequent communication, and fast, reliable timelines.

What is iPSC?

iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells) are artificially induced stem cells that can be generated from somatic cells by the introduction of reprogramming genes (Oct4, Sox2 and c-Myc).

What is the application of iPSC?

  • Scientific research: Developmental biology, disease mechanism research for disease target discovery.
  • Disease model construction: Used to construct in vitro disease models (cell model, organoid, and humanized animal model) for drug precursor molecular screening, evaluating the pharmacological efficacy of drugs and toxicology of drugs.
  • Cell therapy: Differentiation of iPSC into specific cells or tissues for transplantation into the human body for disease treatment, such as NK cells and neural tissues differentiated from iPSC.

Advantages and challenges of CRISPR gene editing combined with iPSC technology

  • Easy differentiation during cell culture
  • Low cell monoclonal formation rate
  • Low efficiency of genome editing

One-stop-solution: ASCTM-CRISPR iPSC Gene Editing Technology Services

ASCTM -CRISPR iPSC Gene Editing Technical Process

ASCTM-CRISPR iPSC Gene Editing Platform

ServiceProjectDeliveryQuality controlLead time
CRISPR Gene Editing Cells (iPSC)Knockout1 single clone (homozygous)
1 vial (1×106 cells)
Immunofluorescence (IF)
8-12 weeks
Knockin1 single clone (homozygous)
1 vial (1×106 cells)
Immunofluorescence (IF)
12-18 weeks

Advantages and Highlights

❃ Mature gene editing technology platform

More than 1,000 of successful gene editing projects.

Experienced engineering for cancer cells, iPSC and primary T/NK cells.

❃ ASCTM-CRISPR iPSC gene editing technology

With the newly upgraded system, the efficiency of genome editing is up to 90%.

❃ Fast delivery

Shortest as 8 weeks.

❃ Professional project management

Immediate response to customer inquiry.

Biweekly report of project process.

24/7 technical support by experts.

For more information about our iPSC Gene Editing Technology Services, please call us at 1-862-686-2696 or send an email to inquiry@accegen.com. Your questions and requests will be answered by expert staff within 24 hours.

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