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Cell & Gene Therapy Solution

The use of Cell and Gene Therapies (CAGT) as alternative treatments has the potential to address the limitations of traditional therapies. To support the clinical development of these innovative therapies, a range of complex laboratory assessments are required to meet regulatory requirements and investigate various aspects such as Proof of Mechanism, Pharmacodynamics, Safety, and Efficacy.


Gene therapy involves the transfer of genetic material, usually in a carrier or vector, and the uptake of the gene into the appropriate cells of the body. On the other hand, cell therapy involves introducing cells with the relevant function directly into the patient. In some protocols, a combination of gene therapy and cell therapy is utilized.

  • Immune Cell Therapy

    AcceGen offers comprehensive services in tumor immunology research, supporting CAR-T/-NK and cell therapy development.

    As a reliable partner, we provide expert guidance and solutions to advance therapies towards commercialization.

    • Extensive experience
    • One stop service
    • Customizable solutions tailored to meet specific research needs
  • Stem Cell Solution

    AcceGen’s unparalleled expertise enables us to provide customers with individual project services and bundled comprehensive project services in areas such as cell isolation, gene editing, cell testing, animal models, pharmacology, etc.

    • Flexible customized service
    • Reduce Costs and Risk
    • Experienced and dedicated team
    • High-quality solutions
  • Gene Therapy

    AcceGen offers comprehensive gene therapy services, including vector development, genome editing, cell line construction, and animal model creation.

    We empowers gene therapy research with customization and cutting-edge technologies.

    • A wide range of gene therapy products.
    • Customizable solutions tailored to meet specific researchneeds

AcceGen, backed by our expansive global laboratory network and a team of top-tier experts, provides biomarker assessments within CAGT clinical development programs. Our offerings encompass:

  • Global Laboratory Network: A worldwide network of laboratories.
  • First-Class Team of Experts: An exceptional team of specialists.
  • Flexible and Integrated Solutions: Adaptable, all-inclusive solutions.
  • Coverage from Pre-Clinical Phase to Post-Approval: Encompassing the entire drug development journey.
  • Emphasis on High Quality and Regulatory Compliance: Prioritizing excellence and meeting regulatory standards.
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