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Immune Cell Therapy Solution

Immune cell therapy holds immense promise as a treatment approach for various diseases with an immune component including cancer, autoimmune disease, and chronic inflammation. In this therapeutic therapy, specific cell populations are isolated, genetically modified, activated, and expanded to reach the necessary quantities for patient treatment. T cells, NK cells, regulatory T cells (Treg cells), or dendritic cells can be redirected to attack tumors or amplify a local immune response.

AcceGen offers a comprehensive Gene & Cell Therapy service that encompasses a wide range of solutions. From antibody development to gene delivery, immune cell engineering, and phenotype testing, we provide tailored solutions at every stage of the drug development journey.

Antibody Development

Our Antibody Development services offer cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes for efficient, high-quality antibody development. With a focus on diverse applications, we enable the production of antibody fragments for various therapeutic and research purposes.

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Cell Separation

AcceGen provides advanced cell enrichment technologies for efficient isolation of immune cell subsets, facilitating cell therapy applications from pre-clinical to clinical stages in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing.

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CAR Molecule Design

AcceGen’s Custom CAR-T service utilizes advanced CAR molecule design to enhance tumor recognition and optimize T cell activation for targeted immunotherapy, resulting in effective CAR-T cells with improved persistence and tumor microenvironment overcoming capabilities.

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Gene Delivery

AcceGen provides advanced gene delivery services, including viral vectors and lipid nanoparticle systems, for gene therapy and vaccine development, supporting the advancement of cellular and genetic therapies with expertise and high-quality solutions.

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Immune Cell Engineering

AcceGen’s Immune Cell Preparation services offer high-activity and pure CAR-T, CAR-NK, and general purpose CAR T cells for effective cell research and therapy. We provide solutions to avoid graft-versus-host disease, and streamline large-scale CAR molecule screening using tool cells.

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Immune Cell Phenotype Testing

AcceGen’s advanced flow cytometry services provide comprehensive immune cell phenotype testing, enabling precise diagnosis, treatment guidance, and targeted therapies for improved patient outcomes.

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Animal Models

AcceGen offers a diverse range of animal models to support cellular therapy research and gene therapy advancements. Our models, including immunodeficient rodents and large animals, provide valuable insights into disease mechanisms, drug development, and gene modification studies.

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Efficacy & Safety Assessment

AcceGen provides in vivo and in vitro efficacy assessment services for drug and cell therapy products, offering valuable insights into safety and efficacy for therapy development and regulatory approval.

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AcceGen, with extensive experience in tumor immunology research, offers a comprehensive array of services to facilitate the development of CAR-T/-NK and other cell therapies. Our services include antibody development, CAR molecular design, CAR lentivirus preparation, immune cell preparation and phenotype testing, cell and animal model construction, as well as in vitro and in vivo efficacy evaluation. AcceGen serves as a reliable partner throughout the entire cell therapy development journey, providing solutions and expert guidance to drive therapies forward on the parth to commercialization.


  • Diagnosis and Classification: It identifies specific cell types and stages of maturation, distinguishing normal and abnormal cells associated with leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Treatment Guidance: It helps guide treatment decisions, predict disease aggressiveness, and assess treatment effectiveness, aiding in selecting appropriate therapies.
  • Targeted Therapies: It enables the use of targeted therapies that selectively attack cancer cells based on their antigen expression, improving treatment outcomes and minimizing side effects.


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