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Animal Models

The selection of the appropriate animal model is critical for successful cellular therapy programs. AcceGen provides a diverse array of animal models specifically designed for gene therapy research. Our repertoire includes genetically modified models such as knockout mice, surgical disease models, and gene therapy vector modeling. By utilizing these models, researchers can efficiently investigate and study gene therapy strategies, validate gene functions, and evaluate treatment efficacy, enabling effective advancements in the field of gene therapy.

Genetically Modified Animal Models

  • Overexpression Animal Models
  • Knockout Animal Models
  • Surgical Animal Models
  • Gene Therapy Vector Modeling

Figure 1. The process of generating immune system reprogrammed humanized mice

AcceGen’s animal models have extensive applications in the field of gene and cell therapy. We advance disease research, study genetics, evaluate immune responses, and refine surgical techniques. Our collection includes genetically modified animal models for gene knockout, knock-in, and humanization, which are instrumental in developing gene therapy drugs, antibody drugs, and small molecule drugs. Our models also facilitate gene-editing therapy and gene replacement therapy.


By providing a comprehensive portfolio of models, AcceGen serves as a reliable partner for biomedical research in the dynamic field of gene and cell therapy. We are committed to supporting groundbreaking advancements and fostering progress in this transformative area of scientific exploration.

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