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Immune Cells Engineering

The high activity and purity of immune cell preparation is a key element of cell research and therapy. AcceGen offers highly efficient immune cell engineering services, specializing in the field of CAR-T, CAR-NK, and universal CAR-T cells. With advanced techniques and strict quality control, we can provide immune cells with exceptional purity and excellent functionality.

Figure 1. Workflow of CAR-T cell engineering



T/CAR-T cell preparation

T cells are one of the most important adaptive immune cells in the body. Chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells (CAR-T cells) have also made many breakthroughs in tumor therapy.

UCAR-T cell preparation

When T cells are used in allotherapy, they can cause a harmful reaction known as graft-versus-host disease (GvHD). Studies have shown that the TCR receptor complex is a key factor in the development of GvHD. By blocking the expression of the TCR complex, T cells can be used in allotherapy without causing GvHD or other toxic side effects.

NK/CAR-NK cell

NK cells are innate immune cells that don’t require pre-activation and have a crucial role in antiviral infection, antitumor and immune regulation, and their antitumor activity is not limited by MHC molecules.

CAR tool cell

Large-scale screening of CAR molecules is a tedious, labor-intensive, and time consuming task. In order to reduce the workload of this process, some tool cells, such as Jurkat cells, NK-92 cells, and THP-1 cells, are usually used for some preliminary screening work.

Table 1. Immune cell engineering service details

AcceGen’s expertise spans T and CAR-T cell engineering, addressing graft-versus-host disease through CRISPR/Cas9 technology. We offer high-activity NK and CAR-NK cells for allogeneic immunotherapy. Additionally, we provides preliminary CAR molecule screening using immortalized cells, delivering stable transfected cell lines and detailed experiment reports tailored to client specifications.


  • CAR-T Cell Engineering: Customized engineering of T cells for targeted cancer treatment.
  • CAR-NK Cell Engineering: Effective immunotherapy and ADCC studies for anti-tumor responses.
  • Universal CAR-T Cell Engineering: Overcoming limitations of individualized treatments for more accessible therapies.
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