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Antibody Development

Antibodies are crucial in CAR-T and engineered TCR therapies. Specialized reagents are essential for bioanalysis, enrichment, and immunophenotyping purposes. Custom antibody generation allows for the production of antibodies with specificities, desired affinity, and suitable formats. Recombinant production ensures high quality and scalability, while engineering apporoaches enhance efficacy and immune modulation.

As shown in Figure 1, the process of antibody production begins with the recognition of antigens by B lymphocytes. Upon binding to antigen, B cells undergo differentiation and transform into antibody-secreting plasma cells. These plasma cells actively synthesize and release antigen-specific antibodies into the bloodstream, where they can neutralize pathogens or foreign substances. Additionally, a subset of B cells transform into memory B cells, which store information about encountered antigens for future immune responses.

Figure 1. The process of antibody production.

AcceGen offers specialized antibody services for CARs studies, providing custom antibody generation and validation to support the development and optimization of CAR-T therapies. Our comprehensive services include the production of high-affinity antibodies targeting specific antigens, which are crucial for CAR-T cell recognition and activation.

AcceGen’s expertise in antibody engineering and characterization ensures the delivery of reliable and efficient tools for CAR-T research, aiding in the advancement of innovative immunotherapies for cancer and other diseases.


  • Antibodies enable bioanalysis, T cell enrichment, and immunophenotyping in CAR-T research.
  • Custom antibody generation provides specific antibodies for CARs or TCRs.
  • Antibodies help detect and quantify CAR-T cells and isolate T cell populations.
  • Their application enhances CAR-T therapy optimization and development in immunotherapy..


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