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Immune Cell Phenotype Testing

Immunophenotyping plays a crucial role in gene and cell therapy, providing valuable insights into the evaluation and monitoring of therapeutic interventions. It allows for the identification and characterization of target cells and their specific markers, aiding in the selection of appropriate gene delivery vectors and cell types for therapy. By analyzing specific marker, immunophenotyping faciliates the assessment of purity, potency, and viability of genetically modified cells, ensuring the overall quality and safety of the therapy.

Figure 1. Commonly used CAR T cell markers for flow cytometry detection

AcceGen provide advanced flow cytometry services that encompass the comprehensive analysis of immune cell populations. With our expertise in multiparametric panel design, we optimize sample utilization by allowing you to examine multiple markers of interest in a single assay. Our experienced team understands your project objectives and provides end-to-end support in characterizing both innate and adaptive immune cells. Through our cutting-edge flow cytometry platform, you can efficiently monitor specific subpopulations and evaluate the impact of agents on immune cells. Additionally, we offer immune cell phenotypic analysis services, including customized strategy development and multicolor flow antibody allocation, which are crucial for assessing immune cell function and status.


  • Diagnosis and Classification: It identifies specific cell types and stages of maturation, distinguishing normal and abnormal cells associated with leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Treatment Guidance: It helps guide treatment decisions, predict disease aggressiveness, and assess treatment effectiveness, aiding in selecting appropriate therapies.
  • Targeted Therapies: It enables the use of targeted therapies that selectively attack cancer cells based on their antigen expression, improving treatment outcomes and minimizing side effects.
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