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HighQC™ Human Neural Stem Cell Line

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HighQC™ Human Neural Stem Cell Line






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Cultures of dissociated NSCs were generated from human fetal brain tissue of 10-14 weeks gestation. NSCs were further cultured under low oxygen conditions and were transduced with retrovirus carrying L-MYC gene.


Generated from dissociated NSCs from human fetal brain tissueDisplay both self-renewal and multipotent differentiation into neurons, oligodendrocytes, and astrocytesExpression of the L-MYC gene was confirmed by genomic PCR analysis (Li-Gutova-2016)Found to be non-tumorigenic in vivoFurther characterization shows: a normal, female karyotype, ability to differentiate into neuronal lineages, and demonstrated the lack of abnormal growth or tumorigenicity in vitro or in vivo.
Pre-clinical studies indicate that neural stem cells (NSCs) can limit or reverse CNS damage through direct cell replacement, promotion of regeneration, or delivery of therapeutic agents. Immortalized NSC lines are in growing demand due to the inherent limitations of adult patient-derived NSCs, including availability, expandability, potential for genetic modifications, and costs.

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Human Stem Cell Collection

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Human Adult Stem Cells

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