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Cell Line Construction

Cells serve as the fundamental units of life, playing a crucial role in various biological processes. In pharmaceutical development, cell-based assays are essential for drug screening, safety assessment, and efficacy evaluation. These assays provide valuable insights into compound-cell interactions, aiding drug discovery and enhancing the understanding of cellular mechanisms.

AcceGen specializes in cell and gene therapy and provide comprehensive services for stable cell line construction. We utilize advanced techniques for efficient gene delivery, screening, and stability testing, ensuring the development of genetically homogeneous cell lines for cell and gene therapy applications. Our streamlined approach saves time and resources, empowering researchers to study gene function and unravel disease mechanisms.

Figure 1. The process of generating immune system reprogrammed humanized mice cell line


  • Construction of overexpression cell lines
  • Construction of knockout cell line
  • Cell Function Testing Services

As a leading provider of cell-based solutions, AcceGen offers a wide range of services to support biological, pharmaceutical, and medical research. Our expertise extends to cell function testing, including proliferation assays and immuno-oncology assays. With advanced techniques and a commitment to quality, we provide reliable and accurate cellular data. This data serves as a catalyst for scientific advancements in dynamic field of life sciences, empowering researches to make significatn breakthroughs and drive innovation.


  • Generate monoclonal cell lines to ensure regulatory compliance and consistency in therapeutic applications.
  • Cell lines for efficient and reproducible production of recombinant proteins and antibodies.
  • Utilize cell lines to screen and evaluate compounds for potential therapeutic applications.
  • Investigate gene functions through gene manipulation, knockdown, and overexpression experiments using stable cell lines.
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