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In Vitro and In Vivo Pharmacology

Utilizing pertinent animal and cellur models of human disease, pharmacology studies can deliver efficacy data that accelerates your early research and proof-of-principle activities. Our experienced team is euipped to assist you in selecting the best solution from our extensive array of in vitro and in vivo models and assays, or collaborate with you to design a custom test system that meets your special needs.

Combining with our expansive knowledge of molecules, modalities, and model systems, our team has meticulously developed a broad portfolio of in vitro and in vivo study models across many disease indications to support your pharmacology testing and deepen understanding of your novel therapy.

The in vitro and in vivo pharmacology evaluation includes studies on :

Efficacy evaluation service
Immunological testing

Behavioral testing

Functional testing

Secretion of bioactive molecules

Immune response

Safety assessment
Tumorigenicity testing

Toxicity testing


Pharmacokinetic testing

Cell distribution, migration, homing Stem cell differentiation degree and consequences

Research on the presence, expression, and biological functions of the target gene and its expression products


Efficacy evaluation, safety assessment, and pharmacokinetic testing are conducted at the levels of animal models, cells, and molecular aspects.

You can obtain appropriate in vitro cell line models and in vivo animal models for evaluation through AcceGen.

Supporting the selection and design of dosing regimens (administration site, dosing frequency, dosing duration, etc.)

We provide various disease models for you to choose from, such as metabolic diseases, tumors, central nervous system disorders (such as pain, memory/learning, stress), orthopedic diseases, and inflammation models.

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