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Primary Stem Cell Isolation and Expansion

Primary stem cells are isolated directly from fresh tissue without modifications. These cells maintain the essential physiological properties of the origin tissue system and mimic the in vivo conditions closely. Consequently, primary cells serve as ideal cell models for a variety of research areas, including cell biology/physiology, disease mechanisms, drug screening and therapeutic development.

AcceGen excels in efficient isolation and expansion of primary stem cells from a diverse range of tissue types, including bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placenta, adipose tissue, dental tissues, skin, etc. Our expertise has successfully isolated primary cells from multiple species, such as human, bovine, chicken, dog, hamster, mouse, porcine, rabbit, rat, etc.

  • Special donor criteria such as age range, gender and ethnicity
  • Small- and large-scale custom projects
  • Low passage and robust
  • High viability and purity
  • Guaranteed doublings
  • Carefully optimized media, reagents and conditions for expansion
Techniques & Methods
  • Mechanical isolation
  • Enzyme digestion
  • Magnetic isolation
  • Density gradient centrifugation

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