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  • Dear User:

    The purpose of AccGen's invitation to participate in this survey is to provide feedback on various aspects of our website, your input will help us identify areas for improvement and optimize the overall user experience to better serve you and others in the biomedical community.

    As a token of appreciation for your feedback, you will receive a $100 -250 coupon.


    AcceGen’s User Experience Support Centre

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    We kindly request your participation in a brief survey consisting of 9 mandatory questions. It should take approximately 3 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a $100 coupon as a token of our appreciation.

    Additionally, there are 3 optional questions following the mandatory section. For each additional question answered, you will receive a $50 voucher, up to a maximum of $250 in vouchers for completing the entire survey.

    Thank you for your valuable support!

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    *1. What is the primary purpose for visiting our website?

    Searching for scientific topics

    Seeking products, services, and their information

    Accessing research resources or materials

    Keeping up-to-date with biomedical news and developments

    Other (please specify)

  • 2/9

    *2.What aspects of the product image affect your user experience? (Select all that apply)

    Match to product

    Angle of presentation

    Clarity, Resolution

    Picture viewer is too big

    Picture viewer is too small

    Other (please specify)

  • 3/9

    *3. What aspects of our website’s color design would you like to see improved? (Select all that apply)

    Overall color scheme

    Navigation bar colors

    Color of the website background

    Color of the font

    Color of banner

    Other (please specify)

  • 4/9

    * 4.Which of the following issues show up more often in the text? (Select all that apply)

    Inconsistent text layout across the site

    No sub-headings

    Too much color in typography

    Typography is hard to read

    Too much information in one layout

    Other (please specify)

  • 5/9

    *5.Which features or sections of the website do you think is best to support content for you ? (Select all that apply)

    Product/service information

    Scientific resources/articles

    News and Contact/support information updates

    Search principles

    Other (please specify)

  • 6/9

    *6.What information would you most like to see in the product description? (Select all that apply)

    The number of cells in each cyroviall

    Source Organ

    Product validity period

    Product Image

    Product-related service

    Culture media

    Other (please specify)

  • 7/9

    *7.What more would you like to see on the website? (Select all that apply)

    Product description

    Service introduction

    Product category


    Other (please specify)

  • 8/9

    *8.Which of the following product information is not available in your search?(Select all that apply)

    Related/Similar Product Recommendation

    Product Related Services

    Product Related Information(Press/News/Video)

    Other (please specify)

  • 9/9

    *9.What difficulties you have experienced when using the search bar on AcceGen’s webpage? (Select all that apply)

    Hard to find Publication

    Hard to find similar product

    No fuzzy search

    Difficult to find information other than the product

    Other (please specify)

  • End of mandatory questionnaire

    Congratulations on completing this questionnaire ( mandatory ), if you are interested in participating in more suggestions please scroll down to the next question.

    If you have already finished this questionnaire, please just skip the next three questions and submit your questionnaire directly!

  • Optional questions 1/3

    What improvements would you suggest to enhance your experience on our website?

  • Optional questions 2/3

    2. Have you encountered any difficulties or challenges while using our website? If yes, please describe.

  • Optional questions 3/3

    3. Do you have any additional comments, suggestions, or feedback about our website that you would like to share?

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