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Editorial Policies

Mission and Focus


AcceGen is a biological company that mainly provides cell purchasing and services on cells. AcceGen is now being operated by a service and tech support team whose expertise encompasses the rapidly expanding fields of cell biology.


AcceGen is now promoting original articles (posts) describing recent hot spots of related cells and service, in the aspects of characterization and manipulation from the laboratory. Our posts plan to cover more aspects of cell research that was included in our website.



Conduct Policies




AcceGen products cover original primary cells and edited tumor cell lines, immortalized cells, transfected stable cell lines, stem cells. We also provide services such as custom stable cell lines, micro RNA Sponge Service, MicroRNA Agomir/Antagomir Synthesis, and CAR-T Cell Therapy System.


AcceGen starts updating monthly posts since 2019. This mission requires ongoing, scrupulous attention to the quality and integrity of these articles. In pursuit of this goal, AcceGen would try hard to make every effort to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinions, or statements appear on the website, and wish to state that the data and opinions in the articles are the responsibility of your concerned.


The content and data of our articles partly come from the laboratory. Some parts need the in-text or pictures citation, and we will refer to, summarize, paraphrase, or quote according to the academic citation basics, mark the sources that include references, professional websites, databases, etc. Please inform us in time if any of these articles were found that constitutes an infringement to your own intellectual property.



Duplicate Publication


The similar manuscript, including book chapters, is or will be under consideration for publication elsewhere (except the abstract that is less than 400 words and without figures), that are related to or could be predicted to overlap with our articles must be informed to AcceGen by sending an email to marketing@accegen.com. AcceGen reserves the right to amend or repeal the articles in any way, at any time or any of the rules. AcceGen also reserves the right to the interpretation of the above terms and conditions without advanced notifying to customers.

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