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We value our customers' suggestions and believe you would help us improve. We offer a coupon to express our gratitude if you could complete the questionnaire below.

Evaluation Standard

Satisfied: My expectations of products and services are completely up to standard, or even exceed expectations.

Somewhat satisfied: I have a certain liking for products and services, but I think there are some areas that need to be strengthened.

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: There is no obvious positive or negative emotion, which is acceptable.

Somewhat dissatisfied: I have complaints about products or services and fail to provide me with satisfactory solutions.

Dissatisfied: I am disappointed and angry with the products and services. I will not buy again.

Product Quality

*1. Please evaluate the quality of the products we provide.

  • Your suggestion:

Service Quality

Please rate the service of the sales team.

*1. Response speed

*2. Professionalism

*3.Whether the after-sale service is timely?

Please evaluate the service of technical support.

*1.Response speed

*2. Professionalism

*3. What do you think of the solution?


*1. Compared with other companies in the industry, how do you perceive our pricing for products that offer an equivalent level of quality?


*1.The possibility of recommending our products to others.

*2.The possibility of you purchasing our products again.

*3.What is your overall evaluation of us compared with other companies in the industry?

  • 4.What products have you paid attention to recently or often?

  • Other suggestions:

  • Please leave your order number and email address.

    We will issue the coupon to you after review.

    We look forward to your suggestions.

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