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Post Date:Nov-16-20

Knockout vs. Overexpression Stable Cell Lines

AcceGenAuthor: AcceGen R&D Team

Stable cell lines are an important research tool used by pharmaceutical companies, for gene therapy research, and for compounding research. Each stable cell line is constructed using various methods to determine whether it will be a knockout cell line or an overexpression cell line.


Knockout cell lines and overexpression cell lines, which is better


The process uses do vary but, in general, stable cell lines are constructed by integrating the exogenous plasmid DNA into a host cell chromosome so that the host cell can express the protein of interest for a longer period. The exogenous is capable of being stably expressed in cell division for as long as two weeks.


What Is the Benefit of Using Stable Cell Lines?

Using stable cell lines helps improve screen processes to determine the appropriate number of cells required for various compounds and pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, stable cell lines can help reduce costs since the use of excessive conversion of dyes and virus packaging can be greatly reduced.


Furthermore, experiments and research are better facilitated. One can also achieve better genetic interference effects using established stable cell lines. Last, using stable cell lines can further reduce and effectively eliminate the interference of individual differences in the experimental results.


What Are Knockout Stable Cell Lines?

Knockout stable cell lines are where the CRISPR/Cas9 system is used to knock out one or double genes to generate and create a knockout cell line. Using the CRISPR/Cas9 system has become one of the most popular methods for stable cell line generation since knockout cell lines require genome editing.


CRISPR CAS9 is used to knock out target gene for KO cell lines generation


It is faster, cheaper, and more accurate than previous techniques of editing DNA and has a wide range of potential applications. These cell lines provide you with a convenient and efficient way to research and study various gene functions, including potential mutant gene functions.


What Are Overexpression Cell Lines?


The process of GOI overexpression

Overexpression cell lines are widely used for protein engineering, drug discovery, recombinant antibodies development, biology research, and other such research and experimentation.


The gene of interest is integrated into the host cell after it is transduced and permanently passed to the next cell generations where it expresses the protein of interest. The common method for stable cell generation of overexpression cell lines requires focusing on the gene of interest, also called the GOI.

To achieve the desired GOI, plasmid transfection or lentivirus transduction is applied to the cell line. Lentivirus is used to infect cells because it is a broad tropism that can target most mammalian species and cell types.


Which Stable Cell Line Is Best?

Knockout cell lines and overexpression cell lines serve different purposes. As such, you need to decide what type of research and experimentation you are conducting to determine which cell line would best meet your needs and requirements.


For example, a knockout CRISPR stable cell line would be better suited when you want to edit genomes and to study specific gene functions. On the other hand, overexpression cell lines would be better when you want to focus on a specific GOI.


About AcceGen

AcceGen is a leading U.S. biotechnological company founded in 2016. Located in Fairfield, NJ, AcceGen provides complete and authentic cell products and services for pharmaceutical companies, scientific research studies, compounding research, and more.


We provide access to high-quality Primary Cells, Tumor Cell Lines, MicroRNA Agomir/Antagomir, Stem Cells, Immortalized Cell Lines, Transfected Stable Cell Lines, and Nucleic Acid Kits.


We develop innovative technologies for our product lines and services like our stable cell lines and custom stable cell line services. Utilizing our unique processes, we construct your cell line based on your criteria.


Next, we perform transfection or transduction on target cells and select the desired stable cell clones. Finally, we perform a gene expression evaluation to ensure the newly created stable cell line meets your requirements. We also supply supporting data for our custom stable cell lines.


We are committed to supplying the best products and services to our customers to further medical, drug, and scientific research for enhancing the overall quality of life. For further information about our products and services, please feel free to email us at info@accegen.com or contact us at 862-686-2696 today!

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