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LIM1215 is a human colon cancer cell line derived from a family with a documented predisposition to colorectal cancer. These cells exhibit pleomorphism and have the capability to clonally expand in liquid culture, as well as initiate tumor formation when introduced into immunosuppressed murine hosts. Ultrastructural examination reveals their capacity for differentiation, featuring cells displaying multiple microvilli and goblet cell-like characteristics within a single culture. LIM1215 cells display a loosely adherent growth pattern, forming cohesive clusters or islands. Furthermore, their karyotype is pseudodiploid, characterized by the presence of a distinctive 13p+ marker chromosome.


Why choose LIM1215 from AcceGen?

LIM1215 cells from AcceGen are characterized by their exceptional quality and high viability, cultivated under optimal conditions and cryopreserved by skilled operators. These cells are provided in a sterile state and undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure their reliability and consistency for research applications.

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When you publish your research, please cite our product as “AcceGen Biotech Cat.# XXX-0000”. In return, we’ll give you a $100 coupon. Simply click here and submit your paper’s PubMed ID (PMID).



The LIM1215 cell line plays a pivotal role in advancing colorectal cancer research by serving as a valuable tool for various applications. It is prominently utilized to construct LIM1215 xenograft models in immunocompromised mice, facilitating the study of tumor behavior and therapeutic interventions. Additionally, LIM1215 cells are instrumental in identifying potential biomarkers for colorectal cancer, aiding in early detection and personalized treatment strategies. Moreover, they are employed to investigate the factors driving morphological alterations and proliferation in colorectal cancer cells, including the elucidation of crucial biochemical pathways such as EGF signal transduction.

Growth Conditions

37 ℃, 5% CO2

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Human Colon Cancer Cell Lines

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