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Purified Rhesus Macaque Monkey CD4 T Cells

Rhesus CD4 T cells make up approximately 25-47% of PBMCs in a typical adult monkey. These cells carr...more +inquiry


C57BL/6 Mouse CD3 Pan T Cells

The C57BL/6 mouse is a widely utilized inbred strain known for its extensive applications across var...more +inquiry


Purified Cynomolgus Monkey CD14+ Cells

Cynomolgus Monkey CD14+ cells make up approximately a third of cells in the blood of a typical adult...more +inquiry


Purified SD Rat CD3 Pan T Cells

SD Rat CD3 Pan T cells consist of both CD4 and CD8 T cells, and make up approximately 50-65% of PBMC...more +inquiry


Purified Cynomolgus Monkey CD3 Pan T Cells

Cynomolgus Monkey CD3 Pan T cells (or simply Cyno CD3 pan T cells) consist of both CD4 and CD8 T cel...more +inquiry


Mouse CD4+ Helper T Cells

Mouse CD4+T cells make up the majority of T cells, are primarily considered helper T cells, isolated...more +inquiry


Mouse NK Cells

Mouse NK cells are present in various lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues, including spleen, liver, lu...more +inquiry


Mouse T Regulatory Cells

We have a large selection of cryopreserved murine immune system spleen cells, bone marrow cells, den...more +inquiry
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