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Human Primary Cells

Human primary cells are cells that are cultured immediately after isolation from normal or diseased human tissues. Generally, the first generation of cultured cells and the cells within 10 generations are called primary cells. Since primary cells can keep the basic properties of original cells, they are widely used in basic research of molecular/cell biology and biomedicine, such as proteomics, genomics & genetics, and also in drug screening, drug metabolism and toxicology research, cancer drug research, etc. Human primary cells play an irreplaceable role in these fields. AcceGen provides many types of human primary cells, you can quickly find the cells you want by selecting different cell systems.

AcceGen Human Primary Cells Superiorities:

  • - Over 720 different lots available
  • - Isolated from both healthy and diseased individuals
  • - Cryopreserved immediately after isolation
  • - Stored in frozen vials

Cell Types



Human Kupffer Cells

Isolated and enriched from dissociated human liver tissue, Human Kupffer cells (HKC) are the residen...more +inquiry


Human Hepatocytes

The liver fulfills many vital processes in mammals. It is the central organ of energy metabolism, bi...more +inquiry


Human Hepatic Progenitor Cells

AcceGen offers an assortment of various human and non-human hepatic derived cells. These include Hep...more +inquiry


Total Liver Cell Population

AcceGen offers an assortment of various human and non-human hepatic derived cells. These include Hep...more +inquiry


Human Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells

Endothelial cells play multiple physiological functions and are central to many pathological process...more +inquiry


Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Human Intestinal Epithelial Cell Features Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells (IEC) are a layer of cel...more +inquiry


Human Intestinal Myofibroblasts

Human Intestinal Myofibroblasts (H-InMyoFib) are isolated from whole adult human intestines. HIMFs s...more +inquiry


Human Small Intestine Epithelial Cells

Human small intestines cells are derived from whole small intestines that have been dissociated into...more +inquiry


Human Large Intestine Epithelial Cells

This cell line is available in limited quantities. Please contact us for more information. ...more +inquiry


Human Colonic Epithelial Cells

The colorectum is a major organ for both malignant and nonmalignant diseases. Cells that line the co...more +inquiry


Human Small Intestine Endothelial Cells

Human Intestinal Microvascular Endothelial Cells were initiated by elutriation from dissociated norm...more +inquiry


Human Oral Epithelial Cells

Cells are only guaranteed with purchase of AcceGen Media, Extra Cellular Matrix, Trypsin EDTA, 1X PB...more +inquiry


Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts

The periodontal ligament is a connective tissue located between the cementum of teeth and the alveol...more +inquiry


Human Gingival Fibroblasts

Fibroblasts are mesenchymal cells with many vital functions during development and in adult organism...more +inquiry


Human Whole Liver Cells

Human whole liver cells are derived from prenatal livers that have been dissociated into single cell...more +inquiry


Human Liver Cancer Dissociated Tumor Cells

Dissociated Tumor Cells are a single-cell suspension isolated from solid tumors by enzyme and mechan...more +inquiry


Human Hepatic Stellate Cells

AcceGen offers an assortment of various human and non-human hepatic derived cells. These include Hep...more +inquiry


Human CD34+ Liver Cells

Human CD34+ liver cells are derived from whole liver that have been dissociated into single cells an...more +inquiry


Human Hepatic Non-Parenchymal Cells

Human Hepatic Non-Parenchymal Cells (HP-F-NPC) ...more +inquiry


Human Liver Endothelial Cells

Human liver endothelial cells are derived from purified CD34+ liver cells. These cells are from a si...more +inquiry
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