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Human Primary Cells

AcceGen Human Primary Cells

Human primary cells are cells that are cultured immediately after isolation from normal or diseased human tissues. Generally, the first generation of cultured cells and the cells within 10 generations are called primary cells. Since primary cells can keep the basic properties of original cells, they are widely used in basic research of molecular/cell biology and biomedicine, such as proteomics, genomics & genetics, and also in drug screening, drug metabolism and toxicology research, cancer drug research, etc. Human primary cells play an irreplaceable role in these fields. AcceGen provides many types of human primary cells, you can quickly find the cells you want by selecting different cell systems.

AcceGen Human Primary Cells Superiorities:

  • - Over 720 different lots available
  • - Isolated from both healthy and diseased individuals
  • - Cryopreserved immediately after isolation
  • - Stored in frozen vials

Cell Types



Human Pulmonary Alveolar Epithelial Cells

Pulmonary alveolar epithelial cells (PAEpiC) are comprised of alveolar type I and type II epithelial...more +inquiry


Human Type II Alveolar Epithelial Cells

Human Type-II Pulmonary Alveolar Epithelial Cells (HPAEpiC-II) provided by AcceGen have been isolate...more +inquiry


Human Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans Cells

The Human Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans Cell Culture was derived from Human Pancreas. All donors f...more +inquiry


Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Cryopreserved InEpC are truly primary cells representing both villi (enterocytes, goblet, and entero...more +inquiry


Human Nasal Epithelial Cells

The cells are isolated from normal human adult tissues of the airways (nasal mucosa, trachea, bronch...more +inquiry


Human Multiple Myeloma Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells (Relapsed/Refractory)

Multiple Myeloma-Bone Marrow-Mononuclear Cells are isolated by diluting Multiple Myeloma-bone marrow...more +inquiry


Human Oral Epithelial Cells

Cells are only guaranteed with purchase of AcceGen Media, Extra Cellular Matrix, Trypsin EDTA, 1X PB...more +inquiry


Human Whole Blood

Whole blood contains red cells, white cells, and platelets (~45% of total volume) suspended in plasm...more +inquiry


Human Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells

Human Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells can be used for a variety of research applications including ...more +inquiry


Human Microglia

Microglia, one of the glial cell types in the CNS, is an important integral component of neuro-glial...more +inquiry


Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

The epithelium is the interface between the body and the external environment and covers all exterio...more +inquiry


Human Lung Cancer Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Included Diagnoses: Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (Adenocarcinoma (including all subtypes) and Squamous...more +inquiry


Diseased Human Lung Fibroblasts, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) is a fatal disease that usually affects adults between the ages ...more +inquiry


Human Whole Leukopak

A leukopak is an enriched leukapheresis product collected from normal peripheral blood. The leukopak...more +inquiry


Human Keratocytes

The keratocyte, or corneal fibroblast, is a highly specialized cell that is sandwiched between ortho...more +inquiry


Human Aortic Endothelial Cells

Primary Human Aortic Endothelial Cells were initiated from normal human descending aorta (aortic arc...more +inquiry


Human Cardiac Cells, Uncultured

Human cardiac cells are derived from whole hearts that have been dissociated into single cells and f...more +inquiry


Human Monocytes from Peripheral Blood, Single Donor, Pre-screened

Monocytes are found in the circulating peripheral blood where they make up 10-20% of the total monon...more +inquiry


Human Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells

The precursor cells for oligodendrocytes were first discovered in 1993 by Raff, Miller and Noble and...more +inquiry


Human Cardiac Fibroblasts

The cardiac fibroblasts (CF) are the principal cell type of the heart. They provide structural suppo...more +inquiry
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