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CaLu-3; CALU-3; Calu 3; Calu3; CALU3






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The Calu-3 cell line is a human lung cancer cell line that originates from human bronchial  submucosal glands. It stands out as one of the respiratory cell lines capable of forming polarized monolayers with tight junctions in vitro. Calu-3 monolayers exhibit closely apposed cuboidal and polygonal cells, characterized by microvilli on the apical surface and electron-dense areas near the upper parts of the intercellular junctions where tight junctions are typically found. These cells express ZO-1, a protein associated with tight junctions, as well as E-cadherin, an adherin protein. Calu-3 cells demonstrate notable transepithelial resistance (Rte) and display increased short-circuit current (Isc) in response to mediators.


Why choose Calu-3 from AcceGen?

Calu-3 cells possess high viability and are maintained in a sterile environment, ensuring they are free from mycoplasma contamination. These cells are carefully incubated under optimal conditions by skilled operators, and their quality is maintained through rigorous quality control measures.


Lung Cancer

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Calu-3 cells have various applications in respiratory research. They are commonly used to model the airway epithelial barrier, providing valuable insights into lung-related studies. The utilization of this cell line holds immense value in the in vitro propagation of SARS-CoV-2, serving as an appropriate host for transfection purposes, and offering significant applications in the realms of cancer and toxicology research. Calu-3 cells also serve as a respiratory model for investigating the impact of gas concentrations, exposure time, biophysical stress, and biological agents on human airway epithelial cells. Moreover, they serve as a sensitive and efficient preclinical model for studying respiratory processes and diseases associated with oxygen- and ventilator-induced lung injury. Overall, Calu-3 cells offer significant potential for advancing our understanding of respiratory health and developing therapeutic interventions.

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37 ℃, 5% CO2

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Human Lung Cancer Cell Lines

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