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KHYG-1, a natural killer (NK) leukemia cell line, was established from the blood of a patient with NK cell malignancies. KHYG-1 shows the morphology of large granular lymphocytes with a large nucleus, coarse chromatin, conspicuous nucleoli, and abundant basophilic cytoplasm with many azurophilic granules. The immunophenotype of KHYG-1 cells contains CD1−, CD2+, surface CD3−, cytoplasmic CD3ε+, CD7+, CD8αα+, CD16−, CD25−, CD33+, CD34−, CD56+, CD57−, CD122+, CD132+, and TdT−. KHYG-1 has a point mutation in exon 7 of the p53 gene, which is identical to the mutation found in primary leukemia cells. KHYG-1 is a highly cytotoxic cell line against the leukemia cell lines EM2, EM3, and HL60, and this cytolytic capacity of KHYG-1 might be involved with activation receptor NKp44 and its adaptor, DAP12, NKG2D, and constitutively phosphorylated ERK2.


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Source Organ

Peripheral Blood

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KHYG-1 provides a valuable model for studying the biology of normal and malignant NK cells, and leukemogenesis. NK cells were thought to be potential candidate cells for adoptive immunotherapy of malignancies, however, the endogenous NK and lymphokine-activated killer cells did not support sufficient cytotoxicity. Through the investigation of enhanced cytotoxicity of permanent NK cell lines, such as KHYG-1, the limitation of autologous NK cells may be overcome, and NK cells may generate greater killing ability for clinical application.

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37 ℃, 5% CO2

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Human Leukemia Cell Lines

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