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Empowering TB Research, One Cell at a Time


As we commemorate World Tuberculosis (TB) Day on March 24th, it is crucial to acknowledge the persistent threat TB poses to global health. With millions of new cases emerging each year and challenges such as drug resistance looming large, combating this infectious disease demands innovative solutions.

At AcceGen, we are committed to driving innovation in TB research through our advanced cell products tailored specifically for this purpose. From unraveling the intricacies of TB pathogenesis to expediting drug screening and vaccine development, our comprehensive range of high-quality cell products serves as indispensable tools for researchers worldwide. In recognition of World TB Day, AcceGen is pleased to offer a 25% discount on the TB-related cell products (from March 18th to April 27th), thereby facilitating access to high-quality resources that empower the scientific community to accelerate breakthroughs in TB research. Join us in the fight against TB, and together, let’s pave the way for a healthier future.

ABC-TC006W Human Lung Interstitial Macrophages25% +inquiry
ABC-H0034X Human Alveolar Macrophages25% +inquiry
ABC-TC3770 Human Pulmonary Alveolar Epithelial Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-TC5515 Human Type II Alveolar Epithelial Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-RC113H NCI-H520 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line25% +inquiry
ABC-TC3722 Human Neurons25% +inquiry
ABC-TC3704 Human Microglia25% +inquiry
ABC-TC3969 Human Astrocytes25% +inquiry
ABC-TC3791 Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-TC4369 Human Kupffer Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-TC4286 Human Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-TC3943 Human MS Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-TC5463 Human Dopaminergic Neuron Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-TC077G Human Orbital Fibroblasts25% +inquiry
ABC-TC050L Rabbit Microglia Cells25% +inquiry
ABC-TC4002 Human CD4+/CD25+ Regulatory Cells25% +inquiry
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