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Here we offer a special promotion dedicated to supporting cancer research. With a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility, we are committed to reducing the suffering caused by cancer.

We hope the discount can help researchers access the cells and services they need to further their work so that they can make progress in the fight against cancer.

AcceGen’s Project Promotion is subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Please be sure to visit this site or the website for your cell lines for the latest information. Your trust is integral to our success, and we are committed to maintaining a strong and positive relationship with you.

Click here for more information https://www.accegen.com/products/

Here are these Cancer Cells we recommend.
ABC-TC514S BJAB 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC5589 COV362 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC1320 Ishikawa 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC504S JIMT-1 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC0506 KHYG-1 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC1313 M-07E 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC234S MIN-6 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC0689 MKN-74 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC0725 NB-4 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC1314 NOMO-1 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC480S OCI-AML2 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC0918 QGP-1 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC1324 T3M-4 25% +inquiry
ABL-TC0657 TALL-1 25% +inquiry
ABC-TC1234 THP-1 25% +inquiry
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