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We Live.We Stand.We Fight: Honoring Cancer Survivors with AcceGen- 30% OFF

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Cancer Survivors Day is an annual celebration held on the first Sunday in June to honor cancer survivors. We come together to honor the remarkable journey of countless individuals who have faced the battle against cancer with unwavering courage and resilience. Cancer Survivors Day is not only a celebration of their triumphs but also a heartfelt acknowledgment of the tireless efforts made by dedicated scientists, researchers, and biotech professionals. Your unwavering commitment to advancing cancer research and treatment is the beacon of hope that illuminates the path to a brighter, cancer-free future.


Your discoveries in genetic research, targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and precision medicine have transformed what was once a seemingly insurmountable challenge into a landscape of hope and possibility. Because of your dedication, more lives are being saved, more families are kept whole, and more dreams are realized.


As a token of our deep appreciation for your extraordinary contributions, we are pleased to offer an exclusive discount of up to 30% on our tumor cell products, valid through July 1, 2024. We hope this gesture helps you continue your invaluable work with even greater ease and efficiency. We are here to support you as you push the boundaries of science.



Let Cancer Survivors Day be a reminder of the profound impact your work has on real lives, providing not just treatment, but hope, and not just survival, but thriving futures. Together, we will continue to transform the impossible into the achievable and make a lasting difference in the lives of millions.


Thank you for your dedication, passion, and perseverance. Your work is the true hero behind every survivor’s smile.


With deepest gratitude and admiration,


AcceGen Biotech


ABC-TC0014 4T130% +inquiry
ABC-TC0087 BT-54930% +inquiry
ABC-TC0097 C-4II30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0111 calu-330% +inquiry
ABC-TC0179 CT2630% +inquiry
ABC-TC0199 CTX TNA230% +inquiry
ABC-TC0209 DH8230% +inquiry
ABC-TC0234 DH8230% +inquiry
ABC-TC506S HCA-730% +inquiry
ABC-TC441S 293T30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0354 Hela30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0428 HT-2930% +inquiry
ABC-TC0431 HT-5530% +inquiry
ABL-TC0298 HUVEC30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0465 JAR30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0475 JHH-730% +inquiry
ABC-TC0482 Jurkat, Clone E6-130% +inquiry
ABC-TC0536 KO5230% +inquiry
ABC-TC1333 KYSE-41030% +inquiry
ABC-TC0618 LU99A30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0651 MDA-MB-23130% +inquiry
ABC-TC0657 MDA-MB-46830% +inquiry
ABC-TC0701 MPP 8930% +inquiry
ABC-TC0828 NIH-3T330% +inquiry
ABC-TC0882 OVKATE30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0973 RK1330% +inquiry
ABC-TC1319 SHP-7730% +inquiry
ABC-TC1234 THP-130% +inquiry
ABC-TC484S TT30% +inquiry
ABC-TC1261 U-93730% +inquiry
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