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Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

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Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

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The epithelium is the interface between the body and the external environment and covers all exterior surfaces and interior lumina. Depending on the tissue of origin, the functions of epithelial cells are diverse and include absorption, secretion, protection, transcellular transport, and sensation.
AcceGen offers a range of Epithelial Cells produced at AcceGen’s cell culture facility. The cells are isolated from normal human adult tissues of the airways (nasal mucosa, trachea, bronchi, and distal respiratory tract), breast (mammary gland), kidney (whole kidney and renal cortex), and the placenta (amniotic membrane).
Shortly after isolation, all AcceGen Human Epithelial Cells are cryopreserved at passage 2 (P2) using AcceGen’s proprietary, serum-free freezing medium, Cryo-SFM. Each cryo vial contains more than 500,000 viable cells after thawing.
Proliferating cell cultures are made from 500,000 cryopreserved cells that have been thawed and cultured for three days at AcceGen.

Quality Control

All cells test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

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When you publish your research, please cite our product as “AcceGen Biotech Cat.# XXX-0000”. In return, we’ll give you a $100 coupon. Simply click here and submit your paper’s PubMed ID (PMID).


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Bronchial/Tracheal Cells

Product Image AcceGen Frozen Cells & Cell Lines 1 vial
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