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Pre-made Knockout Stable Cell Lines

Less waiting, more discoveries

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Optimized AcceGen CRISPR/Cas9 technology

CRISPR/Cas9 is revolutionary technology in the field of gene editing. Our scientists use the CRISPR CAS9 (CRISPR/Cas9) to knock out one or double genes to generate a KO cell line.

Knockout cell lines help overcome the major challenge of accessing the correct controls during assay development and the obstacle of testing genotype-phenotype relationship.


What can knockout cell lines do for you?

Knockout cell lines applications include, but not limited to:

•   Elucidate gene function

•   Disease modeling

•   Target validation

•   Signaling pathway involvement

•   Drug response


Backed by AcceGen CRISPR/Cas9 technology, our knockout cell lines enable an efficient path to fully realize the potential of gene editing.


Why Choose AcceGen?

•   Efficiency – 3-4 weeks waiting time to get pre-made knockout cell lines

•   Accuracy – Complete loss of gene function

•   Sufficiency – More than 10,000 genes are available to edit

•   Proficiency – One-step solution to meet all your needs


About 800 pre-made knockout cell lines in stock to minimize your waiting time.

AcceGen has unique experience with more than 200 cancer cell lines, highly efficient gene delivery technologies, as well as the research expertise to produce stably expressing clone cells.

Custom stable services are also provided if the interested cell line is not off the shelf.


Case Studies

A Selective ERRα/γ Inverse Agonist, SLU-PP-1072, Inhibits the Warburg Effect and Induces Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cells

Authors: Emmalie Schoepke, Cyrielle Billon, Keith M. Haynes, Amer Avdagic, Sadichha Sitaula, Ryan Sanders, Christiana M. Adeyemi, John K. Walker, and Thomas P. Burris

Journal: ACS Chemical Biology

IF: 4.434

DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.0c00670

PMID: 32897058


The Suitability of Orthogonal Hosts to Study Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis

Authors: Pauly, M.; Gawenda, N.; Wagner, C.; Fischbach, P.; Ramírez, V.; Axmann, I.M.; Voiniciuc, C.

Journal: Plants

IF: 2.632

DOI: 10.3390/plants8110516

PMID: 31744209


Start with AcceGen, start your discovery.


How to order with us?

Look up for your interested cell lines in our full list below:


AcceGen Pre-made Knockout Cell Lines

Just wait for 3 – 4 weeks.

Download the full list

ABC-KH11190PCDH7 Knockout cell line (HAVSMC)
ABC-KH4155DGKQ Knockout cell line (Hep G2)
ABC-KH8092KREMEN1 Knockout cell line (RKO)
ABC-KH7228IGF2BP2 Knockout cell line (ACHN)
ABC-KH4218DKKL1 Knockout cell line (Huh-7)
ABC-KH13008RMND5B Knockout cell line (H1)
ABC-KH7350IL4R Knockout cell line (Hela)
ABC-KH7285IL13RA1 Knockout cell line (Hela)
ABC-KH7277IL10RB Knockout cell line (Hela)


Didn’t find the cell line that you want? Don’t worry. We also provide custom service. Just fill in the AcceGen Custom Stable Cell Line Service Requisition Form (click to download) and email our customer service via inquiry@accegen.com to get quote of your interested one.

If you require additional information or technical assistance, fill the form to contact us now! AcceGen is always here to help.

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