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Unite for a Cure: Advance Sarcoma Research with AcceGen!

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Sarcoma is a group of rare and aggressive cancers that can affect bones and soft tissues. At this time, we, a team of biotech workers, want to raise the awareness to this aggeressive cancer, and support our proud products in the fight against it.


This July, we are offering a special promotion and inviting scientists to join us in advancing cancer research and therapy.


Special Promotion: 30% Off on a wide range of products related to tumor research and treatment.


Duration: July 1st – July 31st



Here’s how you can participate in our Sarcoma Awareness Month promotion:


1. Visit our website and submit online inqury or contact sale representatives (inquiry@accegen.com) for a full promotion list of products and discount.


2. Share your experience with our products and help us spread the word about the importance of sarcoma awareness.


Why Choose AcceGen for Your Sarcoma Awareness Month Needs?


  • Innovation: We are at the forefront of biotech innovation, ensuring our products are at the cutting edge of scientific research.

  • Quality: Excellent quality assurance and quality control system ensures that you can trust the reliability and effectiveness of our products.

  • Support: Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, providing expert advice and customer service.


Let’s make a difference together.


Working with us in this Sarcoma Awareness Month by taking advantage of our special promotion and helping to raise awareness about this serious cancer. With our support, your research can be advanced and improve the lives of those affected by sarcoma.


ABC-TC0576 L92930% +inquiry
ABL-TC0134 CHO-K130% +inquiry
ABC-TC252S NALM-630% +inquiry
ABC-TC0214 DMS 27330% +inquiry
ABC-TC0517 KMM-130% +inquiry
ABC-TC0559 KYSE18030% +inquiry
ABC-TC0725 NB-430% +inquiry
ABC-TC0934 RAW-264.730% +inquiry
ABC-TC047S MBT-230% +inquiry
ABC-TC0001 130130% +inquiry
ABC-TC0060 B16/BL630% +inquiry
ABC-TC0091 C2C1230% +inquiry
ABC-TC001F C4-2B30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0112 Calu-630% +inquiry
ABC-TC0287 HARA30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0337 HCT-11630% +inquiry
ABC-TC0381 Hep-G230% +inquiry
ABC-TC0420 HSC-430% +inquiry
ABC-TC5559 KARPAS 29930% +inquiry
ABL-TC0347 KMS-12-PE30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0525 KMS-2030% +inquiry
ABC-TC0587 LK-230% +inquiry
ABC-H0026Y L-WRN30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0640 MCF730% +inquiry
ABC-TC0702 MRC-530% +inquiry
ABC-TC5561 NCI-H32230% +inquiry
ABC-TC5571 OSCA-830% +inquiry
ABC-TC0888 OVTOKO30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0920 R2C30% +inquiry
ABC-TC0999 RT-112/8430% +inquiry
ABL-TC0611 SAS30% +inquiry
ABC-TC1258 U-87 MG30% +inquiry
ABC-TC1270 V7930% +inquiry
ABC-TC527S H52030% +inquiry
ABL-TC0657 Tall-130% +inquiry
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