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Human Colorectal Tumor Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts

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Human Colorectal Tumor Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts

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Derived from human colon tumor tissue, Human Colorectal Tumor Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) exhibit heightened cross-presentation proficiency. Notably, these CAFs showcase the presence of lysosomal protease cathepsin S within human colorectal cancer tissue. Through the cathepsin S-dependent vacuolar pathway, these CAFs proficiently cross-present antigens to cytotoxic CD8+ T cells, leading to a dampened cytotoxic T cell response. Functioning as pivotal components within the tumor microenvironment, CAFs wield substantial influence over tumor growth and metastasis dynamics. While research underscores CAFs’ potential to intensify malignant tumor aggressiveness, contrasting findings highlight their capability to restrain cancer progression.


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When considering your cell sourcing, AcceGen stands out as the preferred choice for Human Colorectal Tumor Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts due to their superior quality and handling. These cells, cryo-preserved at passage 1, ensure viability with a minimum of 1,000,000 cells per vial. With the potential for 3-5 passages of expansion, they provide robust resources for your research needs.


Colorectal Tumor Carcinoma

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When you publish your research, please cite our product as “AcceGen Biotech Cat.# XXX-0000”. In return, we’ll give you a $100 coupon. Simply click here and submit your paper’s PubMed ID (PMID).



Leveraging our Human Colorectal Tumor Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs), researchers established a 3D interpenetrating network hydrogel culture system. This innovative platform facilitated modulation of the tumor microenvironment’s mechanical attributes, enabling an in-depth exploration of CAF phenotype transitions and interactions with colorectal cancer cells. Manipulating mechanical properties revealed conditions correlating with patient survival or decline, offering novel insights with potential implications for future cancer therapies.

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Human Primary Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts

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