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The 1321N1 cell line is a human astrocytoma cell line that originated as a subclone of the 1181N1 cell line, which in turn was isolated from the parent line U-118 MG. The STR profile of 1321N1 closely resembles that of U-118 MG, which has recently been suggested to be a derivative of the human astrocytoma cell line U-138 MG. Notably, the 1321N1 cells contain M2-glandular type muscarinic receptors, intricately linked to phosphoinositide turnover. Communication between these cells involves the release of the messenger molecule IP3, leading to a calcium ‘wave’, which subsequently triggers the release of ATP, acting as a signal messenger. Remarkably, 1321N1 cells express both M3 and M5 receptors for muscarine, which form G-protein receptor complexes, known to play roles in disorders of smooth muscle and the central nervous system.


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The 1321N1 cell line exhibits high quality and viability, maintained in a sterile environment with professional techniques for incubation and cryopreservation. The cell line undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure its reliability and suitability for various research applications.



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1321N1 cell line is a valuable tool for investigating various aspects of human astrocytoma biology and associated signaling pathways. Researchers utilize this cell line as a model system to investigate the toxicity and biological effects of dust particles from laboratory-scale processes involving exposure of molten silicomanganese (SiMn) to air. Additionally, the 1321N1 cell line is employed in studying the impact of multiscale morphology of functional thin films on the behavior of human neural astrocytoma cells in vitro. It has been instrumental in studying the expression and reactivity of the Caytaxin protein, making it an essential tool in diverse research endeavors concerning human astrocytoma and related fields.

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37 ℃, 5% CO2

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Human Brain Cancer Cell Lines

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