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Human Whole Blood

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Human Whole Blood

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Human whole blood sample is the liquid fraction of blood called plasma (about 55% of volume), containing cellular elements (about 45% of volume) which include red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Sample is collected from healthy donor by venipuncture, transformed to a pyrogen-free, sterile plastic bag or a plain tube.

Why Choose Human Whole Blood from AcceGen?

Human whole blood is aseptically collected and processed upon the receipt of your order. AcceGen will ship fresh whole blood sample as soon as possible after collection.

Blood are normally collected in acid-citrate-dextrose formula A (ACDA) by leukapheresis. AcceGen also provides multiple types of anticoagulant to choose, such as Heparin, K2-EDTA, etc. The sample can be stored for 21-35 days around, in accordance to anticoagulant used.

The attributes of the donor are negative for HBsAg, HCV, HIV-1, HIV-2, HIV-1Ag or HIV-1 NAT, ALT, West Nile Virus NAT, Zika NAT and syphilis using FDA-approved methods. All blood samples have been tested for the virus.



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Quality Control

All cells test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

Citation Guide

When you publish your research, please cite our product as “AcceGen Biotech Cat.# XXX-0000”. In return, we’ll give you a $100 coupon. Simply click here and submit your paper’s PubMed ID (PMID).


For research use only

Applications of Human Whole Blood

To test lectins

Hemostatic balance study

Monitor response to therapy

Biomarkers identification for disease detection in an early stage

Optimize treatment methods to prevent excessive bleeding and blood clotting, testing for agglutinins.

Key Features

-Backed by AcceGen advanced technology

-Fresh sample are shipped and stored in 4℃ for highest viability

-Quality-tested for accurate results

Growth Conditions

37 ℃, 5% CO2

Product Type

Blood Products

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